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We are a boutique bakery that makes all of our cakes custom to your order.  We promise to never pre-make and freeze your cake in advance.  We limit the amount of orders we take each week so that we are able to give YOUR cake the amount of time and attention it deserves.  We are proud of our work and expect it will be something your guests rave about and remember when they look back at the excitement from your special day.


We have a little bit of everything to satisfy everyone’s flavor cravings. Don’t see what you want? Let us know … we can surely create something special for you!

Let's Talk Cake!

What is the difference?

Every Bakery seems to have their own method and assembly of cakes. At Drury Ln. Bakery & Cafe, we hope to help you understand the difference between our SHEET, LAYER and TIERED CAKES, as well as, how they are most beneficial to your event or celebration.


Drury Ln. SHEET CAKE is approximately 2” high cake, baked in a rectangular pan. It can be decorated for your Drury Ln. SHEET CAKE is approximately 2” high cake, baked in a rectangular pan. It can be decorated for your special event OR scored. We refer to SHEETS by the standard quarter, half and full sheet sizes. Sheet cakes are not typically filled, BUT we do offer a filling as an upgrade. Costs will vary depending on the size of the sheet cake. Adding a FILLING requires cutting the cake horizontally and creating room for a flavored preserve, crème, or frosting to be incorporated. SCORING the cake simply means the cake is pre-marked into servings with a small decoration on each piece. SCORED CAKES are often used for larger parties where the DECORATED CAKE will not provide all the servings needed for the event. Ease of cutting and serving sheet cakes makes them appealing for those events where guests will be serving themselves.


LAYER CAKES are comprised of 2 layers of cake with frosting OR flavored filling (sandwiched) between them. These cakes are referred to by their diameter. A typical layer cake is 4 1/2” high.  LAYER CAKES tend to have more visual appeal than sheet cakes and allow for more design work on the sides. Small LAYER CAKES can be cut into wedges (like a pie) BUT our layer cakes are larger and we recommend cutting them into slabs. Ask for a cutting guide when you pick up your order. These cakes are better cut and plated for your guests rather than self serve. LAYER CAKES have a formal presentation and are used for those special occasions that call for celebration!


TIERED CAKES consist of multiple layer cakes of different sizes stacked on top of each other like a traditional wedding cake. Tiered cakes must be handled with TLC and prefer to be transported on a LEVEL SURFACE. We allow pick up for small tier cakes BUT we recommend delivery service for anything over 45 servings. There is structural support placed in tiered cakes with a support rod in each tier. We will help you get your tiered cake situated in your vehicle but after that, she is ALL yours. PLEASE drive cautiously!!


KITCHEN CAKES are layered sheet cakes that INCLUDE a flavored filling and are frosted, but NOT decorated (other than borders). These cakes are tailored specifically to weddings. KITCHEN CAKES are not displayed, but held in the prep area with your catering staff. The beauty of KITCHEN CAKES is their affordability & presentation. What guest would prefer a plain sheet cake to an elegant layered cake with yummy flavors bursting from between the cake layers?

This is your special event. If you have an idea or ideas please feel free to discuss them with us. After all, Drury Ln. wants your event to be as spectacular as it can be!

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